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As One; You & SHIMA
As One; You & SHIMA

Our Partners in 100 countries!

We are professionals in handling used trucks, machineries and parts in Japan.


30 years since
we started exporting.


We export 6,000 trucks a year.


Find a suitable truck for you from 50,000 trucks in Japan!

Then What can Shima do for you?

What we can help you by our service?


High Level of Knowledge

Making our precious customers satisfied by our services is always our aim. Our knowledge for trucks and machineries is No.1 in Japan so we can suggest the suitable products and shipping FOR YOU.

Quick Quotation
Considering the market price and value for each unit, we can quote suitably.
Speedy Shipping Arrangement
Using the wide range of network, will try our best to find the way which can deliver your truck & machinery as short as possible.
Staffs Educational System
Testing the knowledge of trucks & machineries for all of the employees twice a year. We never stop learning about the products.

Double Check System for
All of the Trucks & Machineries

Our purchasing staffs go and check the actual unit wherever in Japan and after purchasing the unit, our mechanic check the condition again. We have the knowledge so we can do “APPROPRIATE CHECK”


We check a dent, scratch, and rust. We make careful check especially for roof, pillar, and floor because there are difficult to replace the part and fix, and their serious damage cause price down.


We make careful check especially for rust, deformation and repair parts on the surface and the back side of chassis because rust corrosion and wear plate cause serious price down.


We check operation, gate board, joist, and sub frame. We make careful check especially for repair parts, crack, and hole which made by rust corrosion.


We check operation, gate board, joist, and sub frame. We make careful check especially for repair parts, crack, and hole which made by rust corrosion.


Replacement parts
can be sold together

Make Your Vehicle Life Twice Longer

When you import a truck, you can buy spare parts together. You are lucky to find us since there is not the company beside us SHIMA which can provide the unit and the parts together with the knowledgeable suggestions.

Container Delivery ~ Reducing the expense?~

Importing the truck or machinery by the container

CBU 1 unit exporting expense = USD2,500- (Ro-Ro shipment)
CKD 6 units exporting expense=USD9,000- (Container shipment) = USD1,500/ 1 unit
USD1,000- expense cutting for one unit = you can purchase USD1,000- cheaper

Try once to see how is our container vanning skills

In the case of 2t truck

front2 + all sorts of parts

Wide Purchasing Network

Ability to participate in all auctions in Japan.
Direct purchasing network of transportation companies and construction companies in Japan.

50000 trucks

Now, please contact
our professional team!


Whatever your truck needs, we've got you covered!
Our knowledgeable and professional staff will help you with your trucking needs.



Find a suitable truck for you from 50,000 trucks in Japan!

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    About us

    We have trading performances with more than 100 countries.

    The reason why they chose us is we know the situations of every country.We chose the best products and transportation methods for every country.

    We export our products to more than
    100 countries.

    From dismantling to recycling at 200,000㎡ large site.One of Japan’s leading distribution center which exports parts and used cars to all over the world.

    ”Shima” has one of Japan’s leading dismantling facilities and distribution center.
    We have abundant made in Japan trucks and construction machinery to meet customer needs.


    The facilities and technology to resale as parts with dismantling trucks, construction machinery, and vehicles. To recycle iron, aluminum, rubber, and copper from dismantling as renewable resource. The original facilities made our recycling rate 99% and this is one of the highest rate in Japan.

    Since 1975. Our company was established more than 40 years ago.

    Shima Factory owns a huge factory in Fukushima and has been developing all over Japan for 40 years. Our company established in 1975, and grown until an annual sales is becoming 10 billion yen. We will focus on exporting Japanese products to all over the world.

    Company name Shima company ltd
    Head office 73-2 Gongenshita Shidoke, Haramachi, Minamisoma, Fukushima
    Annual sales 2023 44th term 15.9 billion yen
    2022 43th term 16 billion yen
    2021 42th term 12.9 billion yen
    2020 41th term 11.2 billion yen
    2019 40th term 12.5 billion yen
    2018 39th term 11.6 billion yen
    Employees 206 as of May, 2023
    [Hokkaido branch]
    8-7-26, Takuyuhigashimachi, Tomakomai Shi, Hokkaido, 059-1303, Japan
    TEL.+81-144-56-5591 FAX.+81-144-56-5593
    [Miyagi branch]
    Azakitatake141, Horiuchi, Natori Shi, Miyagi Ken, 989-2412, Japan
    TEL.+81-223-36-8268 FAX.+81-223-36-8291
    [Fukushima branch]
    Azafukuda455, Haramachiku Shidoke, Minamisoma Shi, Fukushima Ken, 975-0042, Japan
    TEL.+81-244-26-1196 FAX.+81-244-26-1195
    [Tokyo branch]
    2193-3, Takayanagi, Kuki Shi, Saitama Ken, 349-1125, Japan
    TEL.+81-480-31-9971 FAX.+81-480-31-9974
    [Niigata branch]
    2031-1, Ibarasone, Niigata Shi Minami Ku, Niigata Ken, 950-1456, Japan
    TEL.+81-25-201-9381 FAX.+81-25-201-9382
    [Aichi branch]
    17-2, Tsutsumishita, Ozaki, Anjo, Aichi, 446-0004, Japan
    TEL.+81-566-93-8070 FAX.+81-566-93-8071
    [Osaka branch]
    1-26-1, Wakecho, Izumi, Osaka, 594-0073, Japan
    TEL.+81-725-40-3155 FAX.+81-725-40-3156
    [Fukuoka branch]
    400-3, Kokura, Kiyamatyou, Miyaki Gun, Saga Ken, 841-0201, Japan
    [Mechanic Factory]
    455, Azafukuda, Shidoke, Haramachi, Minamisoma, Fukushima, 975-0042, Japan
    [Body Shop & Painting Factory]
    18 Shidoke Kaisenduka, HaramachiKu, Minamisoma, Fukushima, 975-0042, Japan
    [Main Office]
    73-2 Gongenshita Shidoke, Haramach, Minamisoma, Fukushima, 975-0042, Japan
    [Parts Sales Dept.]
    73-2 Gongenshita Shidoke, Haramachi, Minamisoma, Fukushima,Japan
    TEL.+81-244-22-1835 FAX.+81-244-25-2086
    [Sendai office]
    #808,1-1-31 Ichibancho Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-0811,Japan
    TEL.+81-22-748-4435 FAX.+81-22-748-4436
    [Yokohama office]
    8F,3-8-11 Shinyokohama Kohoku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 222-0033,Japan
    TEL.+81-045-474-0858 FAX.+81-045-474-0808
    [Vietnam office]
    Số 02 đường Phùng Chí Kiên, phường Lộc Hoà, thành phố Nam Định, tỉnh Nam Định