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About Our Auction Service

If you cannot find the vehicle you are looking for in our
inventory list, you can also use our live auction service to find
the vehicle you are looking for.
This service includes a variety of
easy-to-use features shown below.


Access to a Large Inventory of Japanese trucks and machineries.

Once you register, you can access auction sites all over Japan and choose from many Japanese trucks and machineries. With more choices, you will be able to find the perfect truck or machinery for yourself.


Free consultation.

We provide free consultation with regards to your country`s regulation,ideal year of manufacture, engine size, etc,to help you decide on which truck or machinery to purchase.

About Our Live Auction Service




First step is to register for our Auction Service. Fill-up the Inquiry Form and let us know your intent to participate in Auction so we could process your registration.



Search for a vehicle

Once you're registered, you can access all available trucks and machineries information from the Auction Service site. Please feel free to search for the vehicle you like.



Advance Deposit

An Advance Deposit must be paid prior to purchasing trucks and machinery at the auction. The deposit will be refunded 100% if you do not win the auction (bank charges will apply). However, if you cancel your bid after winning the auction, a cancellation fee will be charged.



Choose a Truck or Machinery (You & SHIMA)

Once you have paid your deposit and found a truck or machinery you are interested in,you can set a maximum bid price. Upon receiving your bid request,our sales assistant will review auction sheet for that unit and inform you of its condition before we activate your bid.



Bidding Starts (SHIMA)

We will activate the bid on your behalf. Our sales assistant will contact you regarding the results. If your bid is successful, we will send you an invoice to pay the remaining balance.



Final Payment

Pay the balance amount in the Proforma Invoice via Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Read more on How to Pay. Please note that other charges may apply such as Inspection (JEVIC, JAAI, EAA), packing charges for container shipping, etc.



Shipping (You & SHIMA)

After confirming your payment,we will process the necessary documents and an appointment will be made to ship the truck or machinery. Please note that customs clearance fees and import duties are responsibilities of the customer.


Register for Live Auctions

If you would like to participate in the live auction,
please fill out the contact form below or send us an email.
We look forward to hearing from you with
your application and questions.