shima's business is not limited to Japan, but we also export used vehicles and parts to about 160 countries and regions around the world. The reputation of excellent Japanese vehicles is high worldwide, and their versatility and fuel efficiency are outstanding compared to vehicles made in other countries. Japanese high-quality used vehicles and parts play an important role in infrastructure development in developing countries and other countries, not only as automobiles but also as engines that sometimes power fishing boats and generators in areas where electricity is not available. Among the high-quality used vehicles, Shima has focused on "working vehicles" such as trucks and construction machineries, and as a professional in this field, has cultivated markets around the world. It is our pride and joy to contribute to the development of as many countries and regions as possible by expanding our sales channels and providing "Made in Japan" products to customers around the world.


List of customer regions
Europe [14 countries], Africa [29 countries], East Asia and Central Asia [3 countries], Southeast Asia and South Asia [13 countries], West Asia [7 countries], Oceania [7 countries], North America [3 countries], West Indies [13 countries], Central America [6 countries], South America [10 countries

  • Sales to 160 regions & 60 countries overseas!

    Purchase 1,000 trucks every month

  • We guarantee our inspection quality as truck experts

    If you have any request before shipping, for example taking a deck out,
    we can do it at our own factory! Shima can save you


    We dismantle 100s of vehicles daily and always stock 16,000 parts in our warehouse.
    We do container packing ourselves, we are responsible for everything from dismantling to shipment


We have several branches in Japan since we do the domestic sales for the trucks & machineries. However,
at the same time, we can purchase the trucks & machineries in many locations to collect the suitable
trucks or machineries for the customers in overseas.

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Our history

  • May, 1975
    Hashime Shima established Shima Shokai with two employees.
  • April, 1986
    Started exporting used passenger car engines.
  • April, 1988
    Large-scale parts warehouse completed
  • April, 2007
    Large scale recycling factory named "Yume(dream) Factory" completed
  • January, 2014
    Inauguration of Kazuki Shima as CEO
Company name Shima company ltd
Head office 73-2 Gongenshita Shidoke, Haramachi, Minamisoma, Fukushima
Annual sales 2015 35th term 9.75 billion yen
2016 36th term 10.2 billion yen
2017 37th term 11 billion yen
2018 38th term 11.6 billion yen
2019 39th term 12.5 billion yen
2020 40th term 11.2 billion yen
2021 41th term 12.9 billion yen
Employees 182 as of May, 2022
[Hokkaido branch]
8-7-26, Takuyuhigashimachi, Tomakomai Shi, Hokkaido, 059-1303, Japan
[Miyagi branch]
Azakitatake141, Horiuchi, Natori Shi, Miyagi Ken, 989-2412, Japan
[Fukushima branch]
Azafukuda455, Haramachiku Shidoke, Minamisoma Shi, Fukushima Ken, 975-0042, Japan
[Niigata branch]
2031-1, Ibarasone, Niigata Shi Minami Ku, Niigata Ken, 950-1456, Japan
[Tokyo branch]
2193-3, Takayanagi, Kuki Shi, Saitama Ken, 349-1125, Japan
[Osaka branch]
1-26-1, Waketyou, Izumi Shi, Osaka Fu, 594-0073, Japan
[Fukuoka branch]
400-3, Kokura, Kiyamatyou, Miyaki Gun, Saga Ken, 841-0201, Japan
[Parts Sales Dept.]
73-2 Gongenshita Shidoke, Haramachi, Minamisoma, Fukushima,Japan
[Sendai office]
#808,1-1-31 Ichibancho Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 980-0811,Japan
[Yokohama office]
8F,3-8-11 Shinyokohama Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 222-0033,Japan