Message from CEO Kazuki Shima

Run toward to be an empathetic
company in the global field

variety of products made from limited underground resources have brought us many benefits.
However, the era of massive production and consumption have come to the end, and we are moving into a new era with many environmental problems.
By the time our grandchildren are born, most of the underground resources may be depleted.
And more than ever, we will have to create something from the things we have now as a resource to be recycled above ground.
This will mean the arrival of a full-fledged “Recycling -Oriented Society.”

Forcing on our future, the keyword is "connect”.
We believe that we have an obligation to "connect" as many things as possible as new resources for our children and grandchildren.
We also believe that we have a duty to connect the customers who sell us their cars and the customers who buy them, and to connect countries and countries and hearts and hearts.
I believe that connecting countries and countries, and hearts and hearts, will lead to a global contribution to society.

Now, we focus on the restoration of movable assets such as passenger cars, trucks, and construction equipment. What is required from now on is further "value creation".

In order to achieve this goal, we built "Dream Factory," which is able to produce recycled parts and resources in an integrated system, and we are improving the environment in various fields, and we are also spending a lot of time and effort to improve the "human power" of our staff.
All employees have the spirit of altruism "for the sake of ~" and common values and priorities.
This is how we can produce high quality recycled products and meet the latent needs of our customers.
Shima aims to be a company that is able to empathize not only with employees but also with our customers.

In order to answer the question, "How can we recycle the vehicles we buy from our customers as a social value? We will contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society in all fields related to automobile recycling.

Shima Company CEO

Kazuki Shima