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Scope of application of personal information protection

Personal information obtained by the Company when an individual uses the services provided by Shima Shokai Co.
(hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). However, the Company cannot directly manage personal information left behind as a result of using websites linked to the Company's services through advertisements or search services, so the Company does not apply the scope of personal information protection.
Personal information refers to the following information.

・Your name, postal code, address, name, telephone number, date of birth, etc.

Purpose of use of personal information

The Company will use personal information obtained through various web-based contents and services provided by the Company for the following purposes.

・Operations related to the provision and shipment of products and services when our products and services are used or purchased.

・Marketing activities for the products and services of the Company and its business partners

How we obtain personal information (direct acquisition)

Our company will obtain personal information by legal and fair means, and will not obtain personal information by illegal means against the will of the person concerned. For this purpose, we will ask for the consent of the person in question regarding the collection of personal information and the purpose of its use, or announce the necessary matters on our website.

How we obtain personal information

In case of direct acquisition
The Company will obtain personal information by legal and fair means, and will not obtain personal information by illegal means against the will of the person concerned. For this purpose, we will ask for your consent regarding the collection and use of your personal information, or notify you of the necessary information on our website.

In case of indirect acquisition
We will confirm that the personal information we obtain has been properly obtained by the provider from the person in question, and after concluding a contract, we will notify the necessary matters such as the purpose of use of the personal information on our website.

Safety measures for personal information

In our services, we take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is accurate and up-to-date. In addition, we will take all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to customer information and to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, and we will continuously strive to improve our personal information management system.

Provision of customers' personal information to third parties

The Company consigns the delivery of products to outside companies and provides them with the minimum information (address, name, telephone number) necessary for the delivery of the products, but in providing such information, the Company will exercise necessary and appropriate control over the relevant companies to ensure the safe management of the information. Other than the above, we will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party without your prior approval. In the case of joint use with a third party or provision of personal information to a subcontractor, we will separately investigate the subcontractor, conclude a confidentiality agreement and other necessary agreements, and appropriately process and manage the personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company will not disclose personal information except in the following cases.

・When personal information is voluntarily disclosed or used with the consent of the "user.

・When disclosing personal information based on a warrant issued by a court or other court decision, order, or law.

・When there is a request that falls under Article 4 of the Provider Liability Act (official name: Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Disclosure of Identification Information of the Sender)

Procedures for Correction, Suspension of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information

When we receive a request from a customer to disclose, correct, suspend, or delete personal information, we will take the necessary steps after confirming the identity of the customer.

Principles of Use and Prohibited Matters Concerning the Personal Information Protection Law

Restrictions on the use of personal information
When we receive a request from a customer to disclose, correct, suspend, or delete personal information, we will take the necessary steps after confirming the identity of the customer.

・We will not use personal information for purposes other than those for which it was originally intended. We will take all possible measures to prevent leakage of personal information, such as taking it out of its designated place of use or sending it outside the company.

・We will make sure that our employees fulfill their duty of confidentiality regarding personal information during their employment and after their retirement.

・We will not acquire, use, or provide personal information related to any of the following
Matters related to social discrimination, such as ideology, religion, race/ethnicity, physical/mental disabilities, and criminal records; matters related to health care and sexual life; matters related to workers' group rights and group activities; and matters related to the exercise of political rights, such as demonstrations and petition rights.


The Company will not be involved in the management of your ID and password.
(To be issued in the future.) If your ID and password are used by a third party due to your carelessness, there is a possibility that your registered personal information may be viewed. When using this site, you are responsible for the use and management of your personal information.

Use of Cookies

Cookies may be used on websites operated by the Company for the purpose of improving services for customers. Depending on the browser you are using, you may be able to change the settings to disable the cookie function, but as a result, you may not be able to use all or part of the services on the website. The Company may use cookies for the following purposes.

Purpose of use

To understand usage conditions and improve services
By understanding the usage of the services provided by this website, we use cookies as a reference to improve our services and to provide services that are more suitable to the interests and needs of our customers. Use of Google Analytics
(1) This website uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc. to understand how this website is being used. Google Analytics uses cookies issued by the Company to analyze how this website is being used. Google Analytics uses cookies issued by the Company to analyze the use of this website. The Company receives the results of the analysis (e.g., Google Analytic reports on user attributes and interest categories) from Google in order to understand the status of your visit to this website.
(2) The information collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics does not contain any information that identifies you as a specific individual.

Google Analytics Terms of Use 
Google's Privacy Policy

(3) You can disable Google Analytics by downloading and installing the "Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on" from the Google Opt-Out Add-on Download Page and changing the add-on settings in your browser. If you disable Google Analytics, Google Analytics will also be disabled on other websites that you visit. You can also re-enable Google Analytics by reconfiguring your browser add-on.
Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=ja

2. Advertising distribution through the use of cookies
The Company utilizes the advertising services (display advertising/remarketing/retargeting functions) of advertising service providers such as Google and Yahoo! In this case, cookies are used to obtain information on the history of visits to this site.

Google's opt-out page
Opt-out page for Yahoo!

3. Google Analytics functions for advertising
We may use cookies for the following Google Analytics advertising-oriented functions

Google Analytics remarketing
Google Display Network impressions reporting
Google Analytics reports on user demographics and interest categories
Integrated services that require Google Analytics to collect data for advertising purposes (including collection of data via advertising cookies and identifiers).

We also use the Google Analytics cookie in combination with third-party cookies, such as the DoubleClick cookie, for advertising and analytics related to our website (e.g., to create remarketing user lists and to display reports on user demographics and interest categories). Analytics cookies and third party cookies, such as DoubleClick cookies, may be used for advertising and analytics (e.g., to create remarketing user lists, display reports on user attributes and interest categories, etc.).

September 16, 2020
shima shokai co.
Kazuki Shima, President and Representative Director